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Rival of the Fighters Guild
In 'Legacy Lost,' the Jemane brothers want their former home cleared of these invaders
Current Arch-Mage stamping out necromancy
Later Dark Brotherhood quests are done via ___ ___, or notes hidden in inconspicuous places
This part of the Arcane University is inaccessible unless one gets the related DLC
Finish the Waterfront pirates' quote: 'I ain't got nothing to say to you _____!'
The password to enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (3 words)
Cyrodiil's only fully water-dwelling creature
Uriel Septim's only living heir
The Boots of Springheel Jak fortify this skill
Captain trying futilely to capture the Gray Fox
Anvil is plagued by a band of thieves with this running theme: they're all _______.
If you wanted to summon a Xivilai, you'd learn this type of magic
Harrada and Bloodgrass are native only to this realm
Only playable race that starts with 'R'
The Skeleton Key prevents these from breaking
Complete the series: Dovesi Dran, Matilde Petit, Neville, Primo Antonius and...
The Imperial City is surrounded by this body of water
This Ayleid item restores all power to a user's enchanted weapons
Falcar tasks the player with retrieving this from the Mages Guild well
The 'Madgod' who made the Shivering Isles
'Schemer' is this type of pet
Vampires' attacks may inflict this disease
The grandmaster of the Blades
Bravil's local ghost who walks the shores of the Niben
Leader of the necromancers and King of Worms
East of Cyrodiil is this province, part of which was featured in the previous Elder Scrolls game
Start a new game and this town's already ruined
The reason Janus Hassildor is so reclusive
Spell effect that turns one partially invisible but able to attack without it wearing off
Swimming increases this skill faster than running
Cyrodiil's official newspaper
Leader of the Mythic Dawn cult who has his own Paradise
Traitorous council member who takes the Necromancer's Amulet
In the Fighters Guild questline, this Bosmer is always shirking his duty
Bravil has a den where users of this drug hang out
Border Watch is inhabited only by those of this race
Artifact that is essentially a reusable soul gem
Those born under this sign have a huge magicka supply but can't recover it naturally
Wax can be collected off this type of monster corpse
The northwest part of the country is known as the Colovian ______
Delphine Jend is the creator of this famous Destruction spell
Umbacano collects artifacts from this ancient people's reign
The Red Ring Road fully encircles this city
To master the Arena questline, one has to defeat Agronak, known to his fans as the...
Highest accessible point in Cyrodiil
Citizens of Aleswell turned _____ due to a nearby wizard's spell
The client in 'A Venerable Vintage' wants this type of rare wine
Picking up this special plant starts the 'Seeking Your Roots' quest
Boethia's reward for winning his tournament

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