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One who builds or repairs ships
A marvelous imaginary realm, such as the one Alice found after following the white rabbit...
Disease where the blood doesn't clot well, so even small wounds can bleed excessively
According to the singalong, this Australian bird sits in an old gum tree and is King of the Bush
The small elevator used to convey food (etc.) from one floor to another
An intensely bright & broad beam of artificial light
A female comedian
A vivid red to reddish orange; also called cinnabar
A device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for or supplements a missing or defective part of the body
Space shuttle that famously exploded on Jan 28, 1986
Slang for the kidneys; or, the utility between Marvin Gardens and Ventnor Avenue in the classic US version of Monopoly
Type of question posed, often for effect, and to which no answer is expected
A wide sash worn at the waist, esp. a horizontally pleated one worn with a tuxedo
Vibrations in the earth's crust, often near fault lines, can cause this
Restaurant specializing in beef -- Outback is a famous one
The name of this ( ' ) punctuation mark
On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...two of this bird type
Previously used or owned
An institution for the preservation or recovery of health; also a Metallica song
Device where a falling blade decapitates its victim
Spoons, forks, and serving implements used at the table
Some believe this disastrous event will arrive in 2012, bringing much destruction
An ornate, often decorative, light suspended from the ceiling
Eating both animal and vegetable foods, rather than just one kind
While you enjoy a night on the town, this person watches your kids
Small blocks of charcoal, used primarily in barbecuing
Someone on the roadside trying to solicit rides from passing vehicles
0.000000000001 is equal to one...
Variety of melon having a tan rind and sweet, fragrant orange flesh
If you deface a building with spray paint (etc.), then you've ______ it

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