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The act of being skilled in swordplay
Covered street entrance leading into a sewer
A crazy person; a raving lunatic
Another name for the devilfish
A vehicle transmission where one shifts gears by hand
A woman who copes successfully with marriage, children, a job, etc.
A tropical tree with gnarling, above-ground roots
A word or phrased repeated/sung as a prayer or incantation
Stubbornly unyielding in opinion or belief
To revoke or cancel a command, order, etc.
Compulsory; authoritatively ordered
Another name for the human race
Affectionately called a 'sea cow'
Gypsies, collectively
Someone who rows a (racing) boat
The act of moving a ship, vehicle, etc.
A sweet, oblong fruit
The compulsion to set things on fire
Relevant or pertinent (to an issue)
The shelf above a fireplace opening
One in charge of a particular work force, such as at factories
One hired to do small jobs
A warship or a jellyfish
A list of airplane passengers made before takeoff
To manage or influence in an unfair manner
Proper name of the lower jawbone
A characteristic or peculiar way of doing something
A likeness of a human used for clothes modeling
The person who steers a ship
A six-stringed, guitar-like instrument
Numerous and many
Committing murder w/o malice aforethought
Slimy amphibian capable of regrowing lost limbs
An uncontrolled area between two opposing armies
Lacking compassion, humanity, kindness, etc.
An F.B.I. agent
A famous Eugene O'Neill play
To send an accused person back into custody
The capital of Nicaragua
A mythical being who makes children fall asleep

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