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A high ridge of land jutting into a body of water
Basinlike depression resulting from a collapsed volcano
An undrained natural depression, where evaporation leaves behind salt and other mineral deposits
An elevated and generally level region
Large mass of ice found on land
A treeless Arctic region with permanently frozen subsoil
A small, low island made mostly of sand or coral
Bowl-shaped depression formed by a meteoroid hitting the surface
A long, deep crevasse on the ocean floor
(Sometimes artificial) place where water is stored and regulated
Ice sheet projecting into coastal waters, making it float
The part of a continent submerged in the relatively shallow sea
Narrow strip of land, bordered by water on both sides, connecting two larger landmasses
Narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies
A long, narrow inlet beset by steep cliffs
The mountainous divide separating river systems; determines which side of the land the rivers flow to
A shallows separated from the sea by low, sandy dunes
A series of minor steplike waterfalls
A stream flowing into a larger body of water
Ancient forest where wood has mineralized and become stonelike

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