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Keel-shaped ridge formed by the wind
Mountain encircled by a glacier
Steep-walled, bowl-shaped mountain basin formed by glaciation
Volcano with shallow-sloping sides
A flat-topped seamount
Long, low ridge having a steep escarpment on one side and a gentle slope on the other
A circular volcanic landform resulting from explosive ash eruptions
Glacial till deposit left at an ice sheet's margin
Coniferous evergreen forests of subarctic lands
The body of water created where the river's mouth meets the sea's tide
Part of a coastline that becomes submerged due to isostacy or eustacy; may form a disproportionately large estuary
A serpentine ridge of sand and gravel, perhaps formed by subglacial rivers
Formed when a volcano erupts unerneath a glacier or ice sheet
Limestone terrane characterized by sinks, ravines, and underground streams
Crescent-shaped lake formed when a river's course changes
A shallow lake formed by retreating glaciers
An isolated rock hill or lone mountain rising above generally level terrain
A large, violent, dangerous whirlpool
Vortex created when rapidly rushing water meets a subterranean obstacle of high sheer
Island connected to the coast by a causeway of sorts, only accessible during low tide

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