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A natural underground void, large enough for a human to enter
Region supporting little vegetation and having little precipitation
An often triangular deposit of soil at a river's mouth
Large group or chain of islands
A high, steep face of a rock
A steep drop-off in a river or channel, like Niagara's
Marshy, spongy tract of land often saturated with water
Vast body of saltwater
Tract of land completely surrounded by water
Projecting land bordered by water on three sides
Conspicuous landform rising high above surrounding land
A portion of an ocean or sea partially enclosed by land
Deep valley with steep sides; a stream may flow at the bottom
Body of fresh or saltwater, surrounded by land
Tract of land that is vast, level and often treeless
Underwater ridge near the water's surface, often made of coral
Natural stream of water flowing to the coast
One of the main landmasses on Earth
Tract of land with trees and underbrush
Elongated depression between mountains; often follows a stream

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