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Forced Order
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In 'The Coyotes,' the incriminating evidence Saint James keeps is...
Name one of the two quests directly related to President Kimball's (attempted) assassination
V.A.T.S. stands for Vault-tec Assisted _____ System
Many caravans in the Vegas area were ambushed by this family's thugs
The King's right-hand man is...
Boone and Manny Vargas are the watchmen in this highway town
'Classic Inspiration' is a quest given by Michael Angelo, an NPC who makes these objects
Name one of the two perks that gives special dialogue options with the opposite sex
This companion perk removes negative effects from alcohol consumption
'How Little We Know' and 'Bye Bye Love' involve this Strip casino
The Platinum Chip upgrades these robots
Sunset Sarsaparilla is a rival to this established beverage
Neil and Marcus are friendly types of this
Name 1 of the 4 special Unarmed techniques taught by Mojave NPCs
As many NPCs tell, Joshua Graham was covered in ____, set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon
The Northern Passage is the gateway to this DLC
'The Monster of the East' is better known as Legate ____
The worst faction reputation one can receive is...
North Vegas Square's apartment building is named for this color
'Still in the Dark' and 'Tend to Your Business' are quests given by his faction
This Boomers quest means 'to fly' in Italian
Rex, a cyberdog, has a quest to fix this defective organ
'GRA' stands for this weapons pack add-on
One enemy you don't want to meet is this poisonous, quick-moving insect
The YCS/186 is a unique variant of this energy weapon
Searching abandoned ovens usually uncovers this component (two words)
This type of air vehicle crashed in the wastes near the southern airport
Raul is being held captive by Tabitha at this Mojave landmark
In this quest, one explores Camp Searchlight's police & fire stations
The longest mission in the Legion questline is...
In the Lonesome Road DLC, one can clear 30 of these nuisances from the Divide
In 'Guess Who I Saw Today,' one investigates an invisibility-capable mutation of this animal
The only companion who floats is...
Tales of cannibalism plague this New Vegas faction's reputation
Jane, House's securitron, collects these trinkets
To reach Caesar's fort, one must take a raft from this riverside area
Boomers seek a plane that crash landed in this body of water
Julie Farkas and the Followers use this building as their clinic (3 words)
Lily's alter ego is...
This card game is played by many merchants and traders
Fill in the game's first lines: '___... ___ never changes.'
Chief Hanlon carries this rare firearm; veteran rangers may as well
Legionaries partially destroyed this sinful town
This trait adds wacky encounters to the game, such as a gang of grannies or a UFO encounter
At Mojave Outpost, there is a statue of two NCR soldiers doing this
During the 1st Battle of Hoover Dam, this booby-trapped town was detonated around the legionaries
Benny carries this unique 9mm Pistol
The human-vs.-creature arena near Westside is...
During 'Three-Card Bounty,' one is tasked with killing 3 Fiend leaders: Violet, Driver Nephi, and...
The Police Pistol is introduced in this DLC
Many Great Khans hate the NCR for massacring their women and children at this location
The plasma rifle's only mod increases ______ speed
Mags, Razz, Poindexter and O'Hanrahan are nicknamed this by Camp Golf's staff
Complete the oft-heard line: 'Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a ____ ____.'
In 'Come Fly With Me,' one can sabotage the rocket fuel with this snack food
Ghouls are healed by _____, which is normally harmful to humans
Festus gives a reward for collecting 50 of these
One can convince Yes Man to throw this person off Hoover Dam
To hide certain holdout weapons in casinos, this stat must be 50 or higher
Name the transportation that connects Camp McCarran to the Strip
To swim underwater indefinitely, get this helpful headgear
Primm's famous attraction is this construct around the Bison Steve Hotel
Sunny Smiles' dog is named...
Legionaries refer to the Mojave's undisciplined inhabitants by this p-word
In this companion's quest, one reforms the Remnants to assist at Hoover Dam
Vulpes Inculta holds this Legion rank
Quarry Junction is overrun with these powerful critters
'Lying, Congressional Style' permanently raises this stat
Motor-Runner's name derives from this signature weapon
Meyers held this position before being the NCR locked him up
New Vegas has 3 unique shotguns -- name one.
A child in this city has a weapon that controls HELIOS One's destructive Archimedes satellite
The 'L' in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for this
Four main items are used in ammo creation: a case, lead, powder and ____
This skillbook temporarily increases one's Science stat

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