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An informal TV/radio address by a political figure
In the Pacific, the encircling region prone to seismic and volcanic activity
An item lit for a fun, pyrotechnic display
A gun cartridge with the primer in the rim
A brightly burning sphere
Producing an unexpected, undesired result
Strong liquor, especially whiskey
Timber used for fuel
Something, by construction, which is protected from flames
A suspension to hostilities; an armistice
A person kindling unrest; a troublemaker
Small arms fire directed up at flying planes
Threatening punishment in the afterlife
A famed British WWII-era plane
A building that can catch fire easily, making it difficult to escape from
A small gun
Impervious to fire; incombustible
A famous Robert Frost poem
A long-handled axe with one cutting edge
Punishment in Hell
A noise-emitting device pulled when a fire is started
Fungal bioluminescence on decaying wood
A strip of plowed land meant to prevent a wildfire's advance
Lines of intersecting gunfire from 2+ sides
A firehouse's vehicle, equipped w/ hoses
An explosive device with incendiary effects
Lacking fire; or, lacking enthusiasm
Fire intended to neutralize/destroy enemy weapons
A piece of flint or pyrite used to start fires; or, a tire manufacturer
A fire in low-growing, scrubby trees
Idiomatic phrase meaning to escape a dire situation only to fall into another greater one
Bugs noted for their light-making organs
A foolproof venture that can't fail
Characterized, or delivered in, quick succession
One whose occupation is to put out fires
A large, dangerous, fast-moving fire
A large fire built in an open space
A computer program meant to prevent unauthorized access to one's data
Another name for a fire station

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