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Ramza's team starts out poisoned when fighting at this map dot
This reaction ability earns gold when damaged
This class can't equip anything or learn skills
The rare battle at Zeklaus Desert has a Minotaurus facing off against this human class
Poaching this monster is the only way to get a Salty Rage
Name a piece of equipment that has innate Transparent status
Finish the quote: 'Animals have no ____!!'
The Throw command's range grows as this stat is increased
In Dorter (Ch. 2), a mercenary claims that 700g wasn't enough to kill this man
The only weapon that can inflict Frog is the...
This optional character isn't entered into the Brave Story unless recruited and dismissed
Queklain's job is Impure King, while Hashmalum's is...
The song that plays when rescuing Olan at Goland Fort City is...
Malak's Un-Truth skills do more damage to targets with a low _______ stat
The Glacier Gun is ___-elemental
The ironically named leader of the Glabados Church is...
This support skill prevents all damage from a Divine Knight's skills
Balbanes was killed by...
Most weapon types have at least one example of an added effect (such as absorbing holy); however, two don't. Name one
Because of an AI quirk, Wiegraf won't use his Holy Sword skills on a player wearing this armor
A Chemist can learn this ability, but can't equip it while being a Chemist
Midgar Swarm is an attack exclusive to...
A little known fact is that Galaxy Stop won't affect targets with the same _______ as Olan (two words)
An enemy will evade Finish Touch if s/he is equipped with a Chameleon Robe and this accessory
Meteor is slow but not as slow as a one of these three CT5 abilities
Of the 3 characters who die at Ft. Zeakden, this is the only one who doesn't participate in battle
The only recruitable monster that can't be found in battle is...
An abnormality that makes a unit incur more damage from fire, but is actually glitched and does nothing
Meliadoul can innately equip swords, knightswords, spears, and these
Moogles are _______ in the land of Ivalice
Name both skills that can only be taught by surviving an enemy's attack
This monster ability makes its unit self-crystallize
Units sent off on propositions are permanently lost if the player ends one of these before they've returned
This nation, famous for its guns, is across the strait NW of Ivalice
This Assassin move instantly kills a target
Undead enemies can instantly be killed with this item
The least-used geomancy effect in the game is...
This weapon has an HP-draining effect
A degenerator trap can lower a target's level by 1; however, so can this skill.
The Temple Knight is akin to this generic class

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