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Oeilvert's special barrier prevents ____ from being used in-battle
Valia Pira is weakened when these are deactivated
Excalibur II can only be claimed by getting to Memoria's terrace within ____ hours
This card is required to rename allies in Daguerreo
Impressing all 100 nobles during the sword-fighting scene earns 10,000g and this item
All foes in Desert Palace are susceptible to this instant death spell
Some monsters are friendly and give rewards for certain items; however, this creature gives nothing useful for the player's Diamond
During the Festival of the Hunt, Zidane normally fights Trick Sparrows and these 2 monster types (no commas)
The Aries stellazzio is found in Dali, in this building
The only time to get the Dali Mayor's coffee is during this disc three event
Twenty-one (21) of these must be visited to get free healing on the world map
In Fossil Roo, a player can uncover these accessories by mining
Lindblum has four gates: Hunter's Gate, Dragon's Gate, Serpent's Gate and...
Tom's lost cat is named...
'1000 Needles' inflicts this amount of damage at Lv50
In the Lindblum ATE 'Give Me My Money,' this person is saddled with Quina's food debt
'ATE' stands for these three words
Finish the phrase: 'To be ______ is worse than death.'
This boss counters magic attacks with Silent Voice
The item that removes Annoy status is...
Because of the poor state of his armor, Steiner is often nicknamed...
Steiner likes this stinky food (two words)
This item cures Blank's petrification
Amarant's Trance command is...
When Zidane meets Freya in Lindblum, he 'misremembers' her name -- list one 1 of the 3 suggested answers
Zidane hits on a girl at this village, while her boyfriend hopes he 'gets kicked by a horse'
Gumo, Suzuna, Artemecion and Serino are all...
Black mages built a town on this continent
The Hilda Garde 3 was created from the parts of this vehicle
The moogles who live in Madain Sari are Morrison, Chimomo, Mog, Mocha, Moco, and...
Cinna misses his cable car due to eating this local delicacy
The first eidolon Garnet reclaims is...
Name a white magic ability that Eiko can learn but Garnet cannot
Freya's beloved is...
When Quina eats a monster s/he can't learn magic from, or has already learned magic from, this two-word message appears
Wayne and Torres run Lindblum's synthesis shop, and are a reference to this Playstation game
When an 'eye in the sky' is mentioned, it's actually this airship
Beatrix' sad, piano-driven theme is called...
This summon is featured on both interior covers of the (NTSC) FF9 game case
This skill protects against Heat & Freeze
After the credits, a special button input can allow one to play this card game
Auto-Haste can only be taught by the...
Prior to the game's events, Amarant had this job in Treno
The ladies' man of the Pluto Knights is...
Name the two allies who can participate in the jump-rope minigame (no commas)
Amarant's ultimate weapon is the...
FF9's official strategy guide drew criticism for continuously redirecting people to this website
Dagger's birthname isn't Garnet, but...
The Lindblum-based troupe of bandits is called...
In the ATE 'Something Washed Ashore,' the 'something' that washed ashore was...

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