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Can you name the the different things about One Tree Hill?

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AClothes 4 Bros
BNathan's NBA Team
CPeyton's Car
DDan's dealership
EPeyton's birth mother
FBrooke's Occupation
GRachel's Last Name
HA song by Haley
IPsycho Derek
JKilled himself durin the school shooting
KHis brother killed him during the school shooting
LJamie's Teacher
MPeyton's birth father
NJake's Ex and Jenny's Mother
OTRIC Bartender
PThe team the Ravens beat in the state championship
QHaley's Sister
RPeyton's Record Label
SMouth's Occupation
TThe magazine Lucas gives Peyton's artwork to.
ULucas's 1st Book
VBrooke's Mother
WWho Haley toured with
XSeason 8 will lead in to...
YWho Peyton is to Lucas Ep. 4x9
ZNo. of points Lucas scored in his first Ravens game

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