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Forced Order
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Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix
Minvera McGonagall's old Quidditch position
Dumbledore's favorite Muggle candy
How old was Nicholas Flamel when he died?
In 'Chamber of Secrets,' how many raids does Mr. Weasley conduct?
What is Hermione's parents' professions?
Ravenclaw's ghost
What is Harry's birthday?
What article of clothing did Dobby receive to set him free?
Who did George Weasley marry?
Dumbledore's full name
What year did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald?
What party did the trio go to on Halloween in their second year?
How long does it take for Polyjuice Potion to brew?
Who killed Sirius Black?
Who has a famous acid-green Quik-Quotes Quill?
What item in the House of Black is infamous from Tonks tripping over it?
Where did Harry live before his parents died?
Who was the half-blood prince?
What is the name of the School of Witchcraft that Fleur Delacour attended?
What is the name of the school Victor Krum attended?
Who was the headmaster at that school?
Name a squib
What is the name of Ron's brother who works for Gringotts?
What is the last name of the three brothers who origanally owned the Deathly Hallows?
What is the term used for bodies bewitched to do as a Dark wizard bids?
What is the name of the landlord of the Leaky Cauldrons?
How does one open the Monster Book of Monsters?
What did Lavender Brown call Ron?
What was the portkey that Harry, Hermione, the Diggorys and the Weasleys used to travel to the Quidditch World Cup?
What is Gilderoy Lockhart's favourite colour?
What is the Elder Wand's core?
What is the name for when it takes longer than 5 mintues for one to be sorted by the Sorting Hat?
Who was a true Hatstall?
How many fouls are there in Quidditch?
Where would Remus Lupin transform when he was in Hogwarts?
How did Hermione make it to her classes in PoA?
Finsih this quote series: Dudley: 'How many are there?' Vernon:.....
Who ate the cupcakes filled with a sleeping draught?
Who does Dobby have a crush on?
in the film, what spell does Lucius Malfoy begin to cast when Dobby is set free?
What does Mad-Eye Moody say that Polyjuice Potion tastes like?
What dragon does Cedric face in the First Task?
Who is the History of Magic professor?
What Muggle item does Arthur Weasley inquire about in CoS?
Where is the prophcey kept in OotP?
What is the name of the place where Aberforth Dumbledore works?
What did Dumbledore teach before becoming headmaster?
What is Ron's patronus?
The Hogwarts school motto is Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus which is Latin for....

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