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Can you name the Videogame Characters by Bad Descriptions?

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Forced Order
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Likes to wear leather and has family problems
On a never ending quest to save his girlfriend
Rat with an electric personality
Likes to throw barrels at a plumber
The plumber mentioned above
Cyborg who's the last of his kind
Is one of the many clones of a reptile
Blue and likes to run fast
A clone that uses too much hair gel
Alien who is fond of ancient relics
Carries a sword made of light and is an assassin
Says she gets her power from being extrmemly hot
Jealous of his shorter brother
Fights an underground group with a weapon made of light, too bad it fails
Clean character who likes to charge
Love stores on the citadel
Likes to suck and blow
Is still alive
Paint colored man, who rage killed his family
Ancient creature fond of babies
Pissed off diver that enjoys touching little girls
Old-timey sheriff who likes to work with psychic beings
Bounty hunter who CAN drive 55
Emo kid fond of cold weather
Likes to gobble balls
Likes getting head from crabs
Bounty hunter who doubles as a stripper
Prefers to be called treasure hunter
Commands a group named after him, he's an animal in SPACE!!

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