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QUIZ: Can you name the songs from their Bad Translatored lyrics?

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Badly Translated SongSong TitleArtist
This means that the tiger's eyes is to stimulate the fighting rose to a height of athletesSurvivor
Take a long time not everyone knows, just bring a lot of time aloneGuns N' Roses
I can not see them, but because in your life, you next to me, bright blue sky will always be in my lifeThe Turtles
Women, all that glitters is gold, buy paradiseLed Zeppelin
Since this is a terrible emotional night, but a strike to save animalsMichael Jackson
Along winding trails, all the lights, because we are blindOasis
Therefore, in order to get it, baby now, distorted scream.The Beatles
Mama, I just killed a man at gunpoint, pulled the trigger, now deadQueen
Badly Translated SongSong TitleArtist
We are working with my family and my sister is a person, we all sing togetherSister Sledge
Arm, hand to touch, pat communication and contactNeil Diamond
In my life, I have all my love will not survive to live!Gloria Gaynor
In the dark desert highway, cool wind in the air in a position to smell and heatThe Eagles
I want to know what you are. More than one of the world's diamonds in the sky.Jane Taylor?
I saw red and green trees and flowers, I see youLouis Armstrong
Man, there's no need to get upset. Young people, you will get the land.Village People

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