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GestureCountryCountry Starting Letter
Wink at children to signify them to leave the room...N
It is rude to show the sole of your shoe... E
Waving a hand, palm outward, in front of your face conveys, I dont understand or I dont deserve this...J
To apologize, tap on someones shoulder and then tap your own forehead...I
An obscene male gesture is to slap the inside of the thigh near the groin...A
It is rude to maintain eye contact... Z
It is rude to put your arm behind someones chair or to pat his or her back...T
To refuse to buy a round of drinks when it is your turn is considered rude...I
To indicate someone is drunk, form a circle with your thumb and forefinger and place it over your nose...F
GestureCountryCountry Starting Letter
To beckon to someone, put your hand out with your palm down, and curl your fingers in a scratching motion...I/S
Make a puffing noise though pursed lips to accept a compliment...G
Point by shifting your eyes or by pursing your mouth in that direction...P
To invite someone to drink, flick your neck...P
Holding the palm upward and then spreading the fingers signals that someone is stupid...C
Pinching the earlobe between thumb and forefinger expresses appreciation...B
Hands on hips is a sign of hostility... M
Greeting is usually just a slight nod and bow. Sometimes people will applaud; this should be responded with applause...C
Clasp your hands together and raise them above your head to show appreciation...G

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