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QUIZ: Can you name the songs from their scrambled lyrics?

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Scrambled LyricName That SongArtist
A on-minosgk gnis no ryuo gaeitertc akber...Alanis Morissette
Rmcasaoeuch, Schaemoruac, liwl yuo od hte nngaofad...Queen
E'vi enbe gynar adn ads botua gishtn ahtt uyo od...Abba
Dan m'i ipsn nda m'i enlesed...Blur
Pssresduep yb lal ym hisclidh esraf...Evanescence
Gieianm on osoissnessp...John Lennon
Erweh idd I og gonwr, I stlo a efnird...The Fray
hwo liwl nedca no het rofol ni eth dourn...Michael Jackson
Scrambled LyricName That SongArtist
M'i esulses, ubt ont fro glno...Gorillaz
I ucdol psnde ym ilef ni itsh ewste esurdernr...Aerosmith
Eh lascl em fnfiete miste a yda...Lily Allen
Ot ubyr hte tslces, ybru teh ectasl...Paramore
A vense ntnioa raym ounltd'c dolh em akbc...The White Stripes
Elwl ym rehta owskn em tteerb nhta I nokw ymlfse...KT Tunstall
Teevesnne acsrtk adn v'ei ahd ti tiwh hits mega...The Killers

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