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Can you name the job title the people with these job descriptions would have?

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Job DescriptionJob Title
A professional writer
A workman, especially a construction worker
One who puts the tap in an ale cask
A wagon maker
A door keeper
A leather maker
A cloth bleacher
Someone who makes, repairs or sells saddles
A tinsmith
A person who turns wood on a lathe
A travelling salesman
A weaver
A roofer
A salt maker
An owner of a warf
Job DescriptionJob Title
A hospital attendant
A roofer
A cloth merchant
One who cures animal hides into leather
A wool comber
A horse doctor
A maker of ropes or nets
A seller of fish
A sheriff
A collector of bridge tolls
A coal miner
A washer woman
One who made or repaired wheels
A street sweeper
A farmer who owns his own land

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