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Can you name the collective nouns for these animals?

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AnimalCollective Noun
A ______ of giraffes
A ______ of viper
A ______ of parrots
A ______ of locusts
A ______ of woodpecker
A ______ of emus
A ______ of apes
A ______ of cobra
A ______ of cockroaches
A ______ of crows
A ______ of caterpillars
A ______ of bees
A ______ of clams
A ______ of elk
A ______ of otters
A ______ of finches
A ______ of hippos
A ______ of coyotes
AnimalCollective Noun
A ______ of doves
A ______ of tigers
A ______ of hares
A ______ of crocodiles
A ______ of baboons
A ______ of kittens
A ______ of boars
A ______ of owls
A ______ of toads
A ______ of jellyfish
A ______ of badgers
A ______ of leopards
A ______ of sardines
A ______ of bacteria
A ______ of bears
A ______ of chickens
A ______ of gnats
A ______ of mice

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