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Can you name the songs from the 80s from the dictionary definition of their name?

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DefinitionName That SongArtist
To spring clear of the ground or other support by a sudden muscular effort...Van Halen
To wish or long for...U2
Confidence or trust in a person or thing...George Michael
The female human being...John Lennon
To touch or press with the lips slightly pursed, and then often to part them and to emit a smacking sound, in an expression of affection, love, greeting, reverence, etc...Prince
A large heavy tool wielded with both hands...Peter Gabriel
To cause and guide the movement of (a vehicle, an animal, etc.)...Cars
On or near a border or boundary...Madonna
The state of being at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint...Wham
An act of celebrating...Kool & the Gang
DefinitionName That SongArtist
Offensive; objectionable...Janet Jackson
An escape, often with the use of force, as from a prison or mental institution...Swing Out Sister
Widespread reputation, esp. of a favorable character; renown; public eminence...Irene Cara
To call or cry out loudly and vigorously...Tears for Fears
Either of the two lower limbs of a biped, as a human being, or any of the paired limbs of an animal, arthropod, etc., that support and move the body...ZZ Top
Not good in any manner or degree...Michael Jackson
A conventional representation of such a being, in human form, with wings, usually in white robes...Aerosmith
(Of a person) To be in an upright position on the feet...R.E.M
The sport of operating or riding in a boat...Christopher Cross
A woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken...Kenny Rogers

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