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What is the abacus also known as?
What was the abacus originally made of?
What are they made of today?
What kinds of professions used the abacus?
What kinds of schools are abaci still used in?
Who invented the abacus used by blind people?
What did the abacus lead to?
Who developed the Pascaline?
What country developed the first calculator?
How much did the first calculator cost in 1957?
How much space did the first calculator take up?
What were the first calculators built into?
What were these first calculators called?
What company made the first handheld calculator?
What decade did pocket calculators develop?
How fast did calculators go from expensive to affordable for most people?
What does 'inch' mean in Latin?
What word is inch similar to in many languages?
What did they call 3 grains of barley?
What was the first proposed decimal system based on?
What were rulers made of?
What was generally used as a reference point for the length of an inch?
When are the first rulers from?
What civilization were the first rulers found in?
Where did 360 degrees supposedly come from?
When did the idea of diving a circle into parts come about?
Which Greek astronomer first divided a circle into 360 parts?
What were the first protractors called in Europe in the 13th century?
How many arms does a complex protractor have?
What were complex protractors used for?

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