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According to Elle, what is so not in Callahan's vocabulary?
What nickname does Elle's dad call her by?
Elle goes to the ''costume party'' dressed as...'
At the party, Elle insults Vivienne by saying that Vivienne dressed up as...
Elle escapes the party by claiming that she is actually dressed up as the feminist...
Emmett claims he hasn't slept since...
Where is Warner going for Christmas?
'Whoever said _______ is the new pink is seriously disturbed.'
According to Professor Callahan, the four students he will be choosing for his internship are only the four with a...
In the 'glamour shot' picture of Paulette and her dog, what are they dressed up as?
Paulette bakes her dog a birthday cake that is shaped like...
Where did Emmett grow up?
What score did Elle get on her LSAT?
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According to Elle, Bruiser loves watching...
When he wins his first lucrative trial, Emmett plans to buy his mom a...
What is the first song of Act Two?
Nikos: 'I'm straight!' Carlos:...
What are the names of Elle's three closest Delta Nu friends?
What is Emmett's last name?
What does Paulette say when she first sees Elle's Greek Chorus?
Besides Vivienne, Warner, and Elle, who else got Callahan's internship?
Who plays Elle in the Original Cast?
Who plays Paulette in the Original Cast?
Who plays Emmett in the Original Cast?
What are the names of the two perfumes mentioned in the song, 'Take it like a Man'?

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