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Arguably the best heavyweight of all time. Dominated for years and even fought in WW2.
Retired undefeated. At the time, criticized for beating some 'washed up' guys. In hindsight, his record and performance are almost impossible to repeat.
The first black heavyweight champion and an all-time great. Oddly held to the same 'colour barrier' that white champions of the day ascribed to.
Stylistically, he personifies the sport. Relentless pace with devastating power.
One lf the greatest heavyweights to never win the official title. However this wasn't his fault as he was constantly denied title shots by white champions of the day.
A brutal and powerful former champ. KO'd many top guys of his era and was a heavily feared opponent.
'The Boston Tar Baby' (though born in Canada) is arguably the greatest of his era but was denied title for racist reasons.
A truly great all around fighter who fought and beat almost every big name of the 40's and 50's. Even fought in WW2 duribg his prime.
Known as the 'Gentleman of Boxing', he is the first two time heavyweight champion.
German star of the 30's was the first man to defeat Joe Louis.
Didn't fight long at heavyweight, but went undefeated as a HW and twice topped the biggest name of his era.
Technical former champ often credited as the man who added the 'science' aspect to 'The Sweet Science'.
Well-rounded and long-lasting former champ, fought during the star studded 40's and 50's.
First British heavyweight champ.
Known as the first heavyweight champion of the 'gloved' epoch.
Peaked in the early 30's just before the rise of the Brown Bomber.
Underrated power puncher from Sweden.
Had multiple phases to his career of varying levels of success, but the whole of it shows one of the greatest and most durable heavyweights ever.
An all time great of the early 1900's, denied a shot at the title due to the overtly racist beliefs of the era.
Australian great yet another man that had to contend with the colour barrier. Hung with some greats of the kate 1800's.
Known as 'Kid Violent' due to his nasty punching power, never won a title but was considered among the best of the 40's.
Canadian former champ routinely outsized and did not adhere to the colour barrier of his era. He took on all comers, believing to be the best you have to fight the best.
Started boxing while in the Navy, went on to fight and beat many of the top guys of his era.
Denied title shots due to his race in the 1910's, nevertheless established himself as a great fighter.
Fabulous technician of the 40's and 50's, just a tier below the greats of the era.
Tough contender of the late 1800's. Last name contains the name of an ocean predator.
Massive Italian former champ, outsized his opponents to such a degree rhag people often called him a 'montser' or a 'giant'.
Former champ started boxing in his late 20's after he was recruited due to his immense size. Could absorb a tremendous amount of punishment and dish it back.
Fought all the way until the 1970's, but really made his bones in the late 40's and early 50's as a feared contender.
Was established as a light heavyweight, still held his own very well after moving up.
'The Louisville Plumber' had a short-lived title reign in the early 1900's.
Tough contender of the 40's. Named after a person that would work in a Church.
Made his name in the early 60's, but was on the come up in the 50's as a brutally powerful puncher with a scary demeanour.
Primarily a light heavyweight, he fought and beat many men who would be known as great heavyweights.
Known best for losing twice to the greatest of the era, he nevertheless beat many big names on his way to those fights.!
Died following two fights in which he took an unnerving amount of damage. Before this, he had been a feared contender with many respectable notches on his belt.
'The California Terror' was a dynamo during the stacked late 1800's and early 1900's, but just a step below the elite fighters.
Real name is William Ward, was a notable contender during the 1910's.
Known as the 'Cinderella Man', nearly lost his career due to hand injuries and stormed back go win the title.
Great fighter died in his prime due to kidney disease. Fought his last fights knowing he did not have long to live, and still won. A true 'what could have been' career.
'The Rochester Plasterer' is a fantastic second-tier stud of his era with some impressive wins on his resumé, showing he can hang with the best.
An amazingly quick rise in the late 40's matched by an equally quick fall in the 50's when he was only in his late 20's. Struggled once he faced top competition consitently.
Fought below heavyweight often, but gave competitive matches to many of his eras greats, even winning some.
Canadian HW struggled to get ranked matches during the 30's and 40's due to the colour barrier but still made his presence felt.
He fought and beat most everyone, losing only to the very best fighters of the 20's.
Legendary British fighter of the no-gloves era.
First non-white contender for the heavyweight crown. Fought during the no-gloves and gloved eras. Born in New Zealand.
'The Wild Bull of the Pampas' was an amazingly tough fighter and powerful puncher. Both of these traits combined to give us arguably the most electric heavyweight fight ever.
Early era pugilist fought and fared well vs. the toughest guys if the 1880's.
Australian boxer knownxas 'The Wild Man'. Had tremendous power in his hands. Died in his 40's due to a gunshot wound to the head suffered when he attacked a police officer.

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