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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 50 MMA Heavyweight/Open Weight Fighters?

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Beat every top HW of his era. King of PRIDE
Modern era terror constantly beset by injuries
Long-time Brazilian great has fought just about every major HW of the 2000's
One-dimensional stud, but a very successful dimension
Naturally more like a welterweight, used his BJJ to dominate much larger opponents in the early era
Early-era great fought high level guys in Pancrase, UFC, and PRIDE
Rising star of the modern era
Owns maybe the biggest upset win in HW history, a win that propelled him to elite status
K1 Champ and long-time stud in MMA, a glass chin and poor cardio are his two major flaws
'Right kick hospital, left kick cemetary'
Catch wrestler a well-rounded and well-travelled fighter, been amongst the best since the early 2000's
Would have been considered a light heavyweight today. Doninated Pancrase, an early UFC Champ, career ended by back injuries
Physical specimen got into the game a bit later than most, but used his size and strength to reach great heights
An absolute demon in the early days of PRIDE
Fought his most publicized fights at LHW, but was a key player during two eras of the UFC's HW division
Japanese legend of the early era of MMA, dominant in Pancrase and fought every big name of the period
One of the first effective wrestlers in MMA, was a dominant figure in the early UFC era
His stint at HW was brief, but this Olympic wrestler went undefeated while beating major opponents
Yet another K1 Champ that successfully transitioned to MMA. Potentially that hardest punching MMA heavyweight of all time.
Well-rounded HW a long time staple of the UFC. Fought every significant heavyweight of his era.
Fearsome striker with an exciting style and a weak chin. Mid-2000's star in the UFC, with a successful second act years later
Streaky, but the first HW Champ in UFC history and was seen as unstoppable until one fateful kick.
Big HW has some impressive notches on his belt, but his glass chin and lack of speed ended his prime in a hurry.
One of the first 'massive' heavyweights in MMA, a top level guy in the mid-2000's
Tremendous striker was a consistent and dangerous contender in the late 90's and early 00's
A staple of the PRIDE era with an exciting, well-rounded style.
Great striker was able to hang with anybody in his prime. An at times lackadaisical style has hurt his consistency.
Early era UFC star stifled many tough opponents
Yet another former K1 champ. His MMA career ran hot and cold but he was an incredibly tough out in the late 90's and early 00's.
Tough brawler is a legend of the early UFC and PRIDE era.
Russian legend of the Rings circuit, fought and defeated many significant fighters of his era
Early great in the UFC HW division. Very streaky but took out high level opponents in his day.
Almost always undersized, he nevertheless has fought throughout the modern era very successfully using his grappling and ring savvy to down some big names.
Japanese star fought in Rings and PRIDE mainly, giving fits to high level opponents throughout the 90's and into the 00's.
Tough, durable modern era HW has taken out some high level stars
Very powerful modern era HW that could hang with anybody, back injuries ended his run.
Durable guy with a sneaky-powerful right hand, racked up enough big wins and fought enough tough guys to get a place here.
Big, tall modern era star has beaten some studs but struggles to sustain consistency.
Underrated HW if the 90's and early 00's took down some impressive guys.
Fought at LHW in the UFC, but also fought in the early era openweight days and fared well.
One of the first successful kickboxers to crossover into MMA.
Fought in Rings and PRIDE primarily and fared very well against top competition.!
Russian star of the early Rings era.
Loose cannon, fought from the late 90's until 2016. Known as a solid striker.
The grandfather of leg kicks in MMA.
Young, lanky HW has already had a long UFC career. Still writing his story.
Young modern era HW currently undefeated. A few big wins would rocket him up this list.
Not the most impressive career on the surface for the Japanese star, but stopped some terrifying men at the height of their powers.
Known as a striker but always more of a wall and staller, still has beaten some good names and has had a long career.
Earky UFC and PRIDE star, fought everybody of his era to mixed results. Had some marquee moments that put him here.

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