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QUIZ: Name the top 50 heavyweight boxers from the 60's to now.

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The Greatest
Young prodigy, ran into troubles
Hard to stop when he got 'Smokin'
Big Brit dominated the mid 90's to 00's
His 'first act' better than the second, but both impressive
Great HW that never captured the public's heart
The most devastating puncher on the scene...until 1964
Usually smaller than his opponents, never lacked heart
Ruled the division throughout the 00's, but known for a weak chin and stamina issues
Known for his epic battles of the late 50's and early 60's
Underrated stud gave The Greatest fits
Incredibly short prime and weight issues overshadow his tremendous skill
Injuries slowed his prime, but was dominant throughout the 00's
Straddles the borderline of the 60's, underrated puncher that won the belt
Motivation issues hurt him, but reached great heights in the early to mid 90's
Great potential cut short by erratic behaviour and a lengthy prison sentence
Known for a defensive style, often considered boring
Streaky fighter threw a wrench into the HW picture in the early 00's
Personal issues overshadowing a great start to his career
'Great White Hope' of the 60's and early 70's
Late start to his career due to a prison sentence, was incredibly tough out for anybody
Impressive string of victories against top competition in the 70's
Opponents often called him the hardest puncher they had ever faced
'Puffed up cruiserweight' had his impressive run ended by a phenom
Never met his immense potential, power puncher had impressive career nonetheless
Had the unfortunate luck of becoming champ just as the best crop of HW's ever was blossoming
Was 'Terrible' to his opponents in the early to mid 80's
Had some high high's and low low's, but constant threat throughout the 80's
Biggest upset win of all time on his resumé
Jab and grabbed his way to the belt, beating some top opponents
Big puncher made his name beating older names, oozed potential but lacked defense
Top second tier HW during the greatest era ever
Former champ of the 60's made the mistake of angering 'The Greatest'
Rising star of the current era
Erratic behaviour and drug issues slowed down an impressive run
Brit HW had a long career and fought everybody
A tough out throughout the 60's and 70's
Undefeated HW still writing his story
Devastating left hook led him to big victories, but weak chin slowed him down and health issues ended career in mid 90's
Canadian banger was once a feared contender
Immensely tough fighter was fixture in the 90's HW era
An 80's cocaine cowboy, still managed impressive career
Dominant cruiserweight had a strong run of success at HW
Carefully managed HW pulled off key wins in late 80's and early 90's
A tier below the top level guys of the 80's and early 90's
Massive former champ held his own in the 00's
'Who necks?!?!'
Underrated HW of the late 00's-10's
Tough former champ of the 80's
The gatekeeper to the greatest era of HW's ever

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