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Can you name the Top 20 (Super) Heavyweight Kickboxers Ever?

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A four time K1 Champion, this Dutch star fought and beat just about every great fighter of his era.
Enormous Dutch striker is arguably the greatest ever, also winning the K1 Tournament four times and boasting a tremendous record.
Dutch-Surinamese fighter known for his acrobat fighting style. Won the K1 Tournament three times.
A three-time K1 Champ, this Dutch star ruled in the 90's and was still a feared contender throughout the 2000's.
This powerful French star had fantastic punching power and could compete wth the best ever, but never won a K1 Grand Prix.
Swiss one-time K1 GP Champion, he was a dominant force but died tragically at age 35.
Croatian star won the final K1Grand Prix and was always a top level contender.
Dutch-Moroccan a two-time runner up. Known for his exciting all-out style.
One-time K1 Grand Prix Champ known for his incredible chin and tremendous punching power.
'Sugarfoot' is a long-time K1 Tournament staple with many impressive wins on his resumé.
The very first K1 Grand Prix Champ. Dominant in the early days.
South African legend was a notable contender who beat many top guys.
Belarusian stud burst onto the scene looking like a future champ but never quite got over the hump.
Brazilian karate practioner. Holds wins over manh top opponents.
Australian stat was a top contender throughout the 80's and 90's but often strigfled against the best of the best.
Japanese contender throughout the 90's beat many impressive guys, but also had his share of struggles.
Rocked-up Dutch monster had a short but electric run in K1, culminating with a Grand Prix win.
Australian kickboxer was a top end contender in the 90's and early 2000's.
Japanese star had an up and down career, but two Grand Prix finals appearances cement his legacy.
Dominant Polish striker was one of the kings of the pre-K1 era.

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