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QuestionAnswerBut umm
The pub in which the five characters meet up
Ted's profession
Barney's theory that it takes 5 minutes for a girl to decide whether to commit to an entire evening
Barney's quest to sleep with 7 women in 7 days
On Ted's birthday, what age was he turning when a goat attacked him in his apartment?
a desperate move a man makes if he knows he stands no chance of sleeping with a girl on a date
the song Ted and Marshall sing during their road trips
Barney's 'dad'
What did Ted steal from a restaurant to give Robin?
Robin Sparkles's first hit as a Canadian teen pop sensation
The girl Ted took on a 2 minute lunch date
Barney's Awesome nickname, that he hates
How many slaps did Barney agree to after he lost a slap bet to Marshall?
QuestionAnswerBut umm
The name of Marshall's beloved old car
What is a tricycle?
The name of the neighbourhood where Marshall and Lily bought their first home together
What rule is this: 'Never, ever, ever love thy neighbour'
What did Barney violate when he first slept with Robin
Barney celebrates a pregnancy false alarm by inventing this holiday
When the impossible and possible meet to become the...
Which State did Marshall originate from?
The test Lily uses to decide whether she should sabotage Ted's current relationship
The European architects who are constantly competing with Ted
The name of the asian student in Ted's Architecture class
Rabbit or...

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