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Can you name the Nintendo Power Covers 1988-1998?

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Volume, Month(s) and YearOn the CoverHint
Volume 1, July/August 1988Pull up the plants in a dream world!
Volume 2, September/October 1988Back into Dracula's castle you go!
Volume 3, November/December 1988Run and jump with all the skill you can!
Volume 4, January/February 1989Side-scroller through Hyrule!
Volume 5, March/April 1989Be stealthy and throw stars in this classic!
Volume 6, May/June 1989Cowabunga, dude!
Volume 7, July/August 1989The Blue Bomber is back!
Volume 8, September/October 1989Life is like a hurricane...
Volume 9, November/December 1989From Russia with Love
Volume 10, January/February 1990Not Ledger, but Nicholson
Volume 11, March/April 1990Tanooki suits
Volume 12, May/June 1990Aliens invade in this sequel to the arcade classic!
Volume 13, No DateMore of Volume 11's cover
Volume 14, July/August 1990Disney chipmunks
Volume 15, No DateSequel to Volume 5's cover
Volume 16, September/October 1990Prequel to Day of the Tentacle
Volume 17, No DateThey thought it would be the last one...
Volume 18, November/December 1990Fever or Chill!
Volume 19, No DateHow many players on NES????
Volume 20, January 1991Dr. Wily again!
Volume 21, February 1991Prequel to Zoda's Revenge
Volume 22, March 1991Side-scrolling robots from Irem
Volume 23, April 1991NOVA and his boomerang!
Volume, Month(s) and YearOn the CoverHint
Volume 24, May 1991Defeat the aliens of the B.E.D.A Corporation!
Volume 25, June 1991Pimple, Rash, and Zitz
Volume 26, July 1991Rob from the rich and give to the poor!
Volume 27, August 1991Blue Bomber, but on Game Boy
Volume 28, September 1991Yoshi's debut
Volume 29, October 1991Beam me up, Scotty!
Volume 30, November 1991Was actually number 4 in Japan...
Volume 31, December 1991Miss Aran returns...
Volume 32, January 1992The Belmont legacy continues...
Volume 33, February 1992Not Einstein's work!
Volume 34, March 1992Hyrule in 16-bit graphics!
Volume 35, April 1992Hulk Hogan-mania!
Volume 36, May 1992Let's get dangerous!
Volume 37, June 1992Off the cliff they go!
Volume 38, July 1992Ryu, Ken, Blanka, M. Bison, etc.
Volume 39, August 1992Make music with Mario!
Volume 40, September 1992Classic animated cat
Volume 41, October 1992Road rage with banana peels
Volume 42, November 1992The Force is super strong with this one!
Volume 43, December 1992Beep beep!
Volume 44, January 1993Disney's greatest creation
Volume 45, February 1993Click click!
Volume 46, March 1993They're invading your TV!
Volume, Month(s) and YearOn the CoverHint
Volume 47, April 1993First campaign from Corneria
Volume 48, May 1993The Penguin and Catwoman
Volume 49, June 1993Double feature
Volume 50, July 1993Portable Hyrule!
Volume 51, August 1993Volume 38, but re-made
Volume 52, September 19934 classics in 1!
Volume 53, October 1993He will join us or die.
Volume 54, November 1993Hidden magic
Volume 55, December 1993Never had a friend like me!
Volume 56, January 1994The Blue Bomber better than before
Volume 57, February 1994What's up, doc?
Volume 58, March 1994Not Mario, but...
Volume 59, April 1994First of many baseball games for this celebrity
Volume 60, May 1994Zebes never looked so good...
Volume 61, June 1994Miyamoto's first masterpiece
Volume 62, July 1994Volume 38, but better
Volume 63, August 1994Fancy car tricks
Volume 64, September 1994Fatalities return...
Volume 65, October 1994Will, Freedan, and Shadow
Volume 66, November 1994Kongo Jungle shenanigans...
Volume 67, December 1994Psy-Crow debuts

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