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QUIZ: Can you name the Movie with these mismatched characters?

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One is a...MovieAnd one is a...
Bounty HunterAccountant
DEA AgentIlliterate Smuggler
CowboySpace Ranger
Republican Ex-PresidentDemocrat Ex-President
Ex-Professional BowlerQuaker Farmer
DentistCIA Agent
Supermarket Assistant ManagerTest Pilot
FBI AgentFormer 60's Radical
Garbage BoyPoison Checker
Gay Private DetectiveThief turned wannabe actor
Advertising ExecutiveShower Curtain Ring Salesman
Pot DealerProcess Server
Blind GuyDeaf Guy
One is a...MovieAnd one is a...
Auto Industry workerSoap Salesman
Biker IconCigarette Icon
StockbrokerCon Artist
Prison EscapeeAd Exec and Filofax enthusiast
LawyerDead Heiress
Dog GroomerLimo Driver
White Blood CellCold Pill
French HitmanOrphan
Private DetectiveEx-Football Player
FBI AgentWilderness Guide
Auto Parts Company CEOAuto Parts Company Executive
By the Book CopMaverick Cop

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