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Can you name the Actress both these actors got bizzay with onscreen?

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Actor (Year)Actress (Movies)Actor (Year)
Kevin Bacon (1991)Tom Hanks (1988)
Tom Hanks (1990)Michael Douglas (1992)
Michael Douglas (1992)William Baldwin (1993)
William Baldwin (1991)Alec Baldwin (1990)
Alec Baldwin (2009)Clint Eastwood (1995)
Clint Eastwood (1993)Kevin Costner (1996)
Kevin Costner (1987)Harrison Ford (1982)
Harrison Ford (1981)Jeff Bridges (1984)
Jeff Bridges (1998)Mark Wahlberg (1997)
Mark Wahlberg (1997)Mike Myers (1999)
Mike Myers (1992)Sean Connery (1993)
Sean Connery (1990)Jack Nicholson (1994)
Jack Nicholson (1987)Nicolas Cage (1987)
Actor (Year)Actress (Movies)Actor (Year)
Nicolas Cage (1995)Val Kilmer (1997)
Val Kilmer (1995)Ewan McGregor (2001)
Ewan McGregor (2005)Aaron Eckhart (2006)
Aaron Eckhart (2002)Joseph Fiennes (1998)
Joseph Fiennes (1998)Brad Pitt (2008)
Brad Pitt (2005)Clive Owen (2003)
Clive Owen (2004)Jake Gyllenhaal (2009)
Jake Gyllenhaal (2002)Ben Stiller (2004)
Ben Stiller (1999)Jude Law (2006)
Jude Law (2001)Hugh Grant (2002)
Hugh Grant (1999)Campbell Scott (1991)
Campbell Scott (1992)Kevin Bacon (1991)

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