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When due to trypanosomiasis, the characteristic sign of eye swelling is known as ________________
in the liver, cercariae prefer to lodge in this vessel
The intermediate host of schistosomiasis
The geographic area where the infection occurred is a clue to this factor of treatment
Schistosomas leave humans through this waste product to infect others
the female mosquito of this genus carries the parasite for malaria
This species of schistosomiasis is the most infectious and is the only intestinal fluke in China
The first sign of schistosomiasis, occurs within days
this is the life form of the malarial parasite injected by a mosquito
the most PATHOLOGICAL life form of the schistosomiasis infection
In schistosomiasis, an egg induces this kind of inflammatory reaction
one of the four basic technical elements of the global malaria control stratege
Antimalarial: trade name of atovaquone/proguanil combo
the thin film helps you identify this factor
Antimalarial: use when there is chloroquine resistance and tissue infiltration
This species of schistosomiasis targets the urinary system and is primarily in Africa
S. mansoni is deposits its eggs here
this film identifies species of malaria
tropical splenomegaly and jaundice are signs of this type of anemia
this is the life form of the malarial parasite taken up by a mosquito
Another name for an acute attack of schistosomiasis, marked by eosinophilia
Def: blood in the urine
These cells are found in the INFECTIVE stage of schistosomiasis
Malaria in pregnant women and children compounds the risk for this condition
this film identifies the malaria parasite only, but not the species
The sex form of the malaria parasite, this cell looks like a banana and is of diagnostic value in malaria
this family of insects is primary vector of transmission of trypanosomiasis
bladder carcinoma is late complication of infection by this schistosoma
the most common species of plasmodium found in malaria
most generally effective measure to prevent malaria transmission
this schistosoma can cause ulcerated and thickened bowel walls
falciparum has the ability to block capillaries in this organ
benznidazole and nifurtimox are drugs of choice for _______________
In areas of intense malaria transmission, most cases of severe malarial anemia require an infusion of this:
Antimalarial: This tetracycline has antimalarial effects
def: excess fluid in the space between the tissues lining the abdomen and abdominal organs (the peritoneal cavity)
a phenomenon seen through a microscope where red blood cells (erythrocytes) are arranged around a central cell to form a cluster that looks like a flower
Antimalarial: a synthetic analog of quinine, this drug has started to lose its efficacy due to resistance
This species of schistosomiasis is the most widespread and involves the GI system and liver
This lifeform of trypanosoma penetrates the bite wound
this public health intervention involves giving two doses of effective anti malarial drugs during routine antenatal clinics
In women, this is one of the most preferable sequestration sites for P falciparum
aka bilharzia, this parasitic disease is caused by flukes/trematodes
this antimalarial can be delivered in a variety of ways and no resistance has yet been found
aka chagas and sleeping sickness
This is a cell which does NOT have flagella nor cilia
Def: a liver cell infected with replicating sporozoite
Aka Biltricide, this is an anthelmintic effective against flatworms such as schistosomas
this parasitic disease is caused by parasites of the genus plasmodium
In some parts of the world, they continue to spray these harmful pesticides to deter mosquitoes
pts with these two species of malaria are often given a second drug to help prevent relapse
this is the type of parasite in schistosomiasis
In malaria, the sporozoite migrates towards this organ after insertion
this technique is the most widely used for malaria diagnosis
this ciliated form of schistosoma travels in fresh water to infect snails
former residents of malaria-risk areas must wait this many years before donating blood
Either of these two drugs can be used for trypanosomiasis
falciparum can block organ blood flow due to this property
this is a common water borne disease in africa
drug resistance is found only in these two species of plasmodium
Symptoms of Chagas disease are primarily in these two organs
This disease increases the risk of maternal anemia, stillbirth, abortion, and neonatal death
these two species of plasmodium have dormant liver stages and can relapse
This descriptive symptom illustrates a complication of malaria: RBCs undergo hemolysis, releasing hemoglobin into the blood vessels and into the urine, frequently leading to renal
Reduviidae is this type of bug, which feeds on vertebrate blood
diagnosis of trypanosomiasis is done through this technique
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