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what ion channel does fampridine block?
the other use for rituximab
this drug inhibits dihydroorotate dehydrogenase,
this drug prevents the formation of eae, reducing the lymphocyte egress from lymph tissue
route of administration of most interferon drugs
trade name: interferon beta1b
teriflunomide inhibits t cells by blocking their interaction with what?
use these drugs for muscle spasticity
dihydroorotate dehydrogenase is involved in synthesis of what building block?
trade name: glatiramer acetate
daclizumab stimulates what kind of cell
this monoclonal antibody targets cd 20+ cells
this drug blocks potassium channels and helps with gait
acute exacerbations are treated by?
mab against cd 25
cladribine causes reductions in cells positive for what marker
classify ms: no attacks, immediate increase in baseline disability
how often should copaxone be given?
what is the cell marker on nk cells
this drug inhibits dna synthesis by generation of 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine triphosphate
trade name: interferon that can be given once weekly
classify ms: attacks occur, baseline disability remains stable
s1p1 receptor modulator
classify ms: attacks occur, baseline disability slowly rises
this novel oral agent causes an immune response from th1 to th2
these drugs are used for depression
what symptom can be improved with use of fampridine
interferons and glatiramer primarily work by decreasing the number of what kind of cell?
this drug uses an active metabolite to decrease oxidation, protecting axons from inflammatory mediators
this is the major side effect of mitoxantrone
this study monitors the side effects of mitoxantrone and should be performed often
natalizumab is an antibody against what cytokine?
this achE inhibitor helps cognition
classify ms: attacks come and go, suddenly baseline disability sharply increases
this monoclonal antibody blocks leukocyte trafficking across the bbb
these drugs can be used for fatigue
alemtuzumab targets this cell marker
cd 52 is highly expressed on what type of cell?
approved for use in rrms, spms, side effects: infection, cardiomyopathy, leukemia, leukopenia

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