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AML with multilineage dysplasia is associated with these disorders
Name the stage of AML: Auer rods, DIC, t(15:17)
Leukemia: Absolute lymphocytosis in the blood, sheets of small round lymphocytes in lymph node biopsy
gingival hypertrophy is associated with this type of leukemia
This classification of AML considers chromosomal abnormalities, therapy, presence of myelodysplastic disease, and degree of differentiation
In B cell ALL, you find this cell marker
The M naming system refers to the differentiation of these cells
If Terminal deoxytransferase (TdT) is found, you should suspect this leukemia
These histochemical stains help to confirm the granular content of the malignant cells
trisomy 8 and del5q, monosomy 5 lead to unfavorable prognoses in this leukemia
this leukemia has an abrupt stormy onset, CNS involvement, a chloroma, bone marrow tenderness
Leukemia: cancer of children, mostly B origin, aka precursor B and T cell leukemia
def: a solid tumor of the immune system
If esterase and peroxidase are found, you should suspect this leukemia
Leukemia: most common leukemia of adults, neoplasm of mature B cells, tumor cells express surface Ig heavy and light chains
the best criterion to identify leukemoid myeloid cells in the GRANULOCYTIC series, as opposed to the lymphocytic series
In the bone marrow of this type of leukemia, blasts make >25% of the bone marrow, course and clumped chromatin, PAS positive cell
in SLL/CLL, there is a neoplasm of mature ____________ cells
Def: cancer of the blood cells arising from the bone marrow
M: There are no Auer rods, there are abnormal masses in the skin, gingival hypertrophy
Alone, this classification has limited prognostic value in AML
M: DIC is associated
AML and myelodysplastic syndrome are ________ related
This classification relies on degree of differentiation
This CD is positive in all AML, helps to distinguish from ALL
This subset of ALL refers to absence of blast cells from the blood, but present in bone marrow
In T cell ALL, you find this cell marker
FAB M5 is characterized by this sign in the oral cavity
This classification relies on cytogenetic and chromosomal abnormalities
this type of AML generally has worse prognosis

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