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t(8:14) activates this oncogen
Diffuse Large B lymphoma is due to dysregulation of this transcriptional regulator, required for the formation of a normal germinal center
Burkitt lymphoma can either be African, Sporadic, or associated with this virus
This lymphoma is seen primarily in children, with a rapidly enlarging mass with explosive growth
Stage: lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm
These two CD's are important in diagnosing HL
MALTOMA arise from this zone
naïve B cells come from this zone
Infrequently transforms into high grade lymphoma, found in older pts, often asymptomatic
Stage: 2 or more lymph node regions on the same side of the diaphragm
The cells of Burkitt Lymphoma originate from this area
t(14:18) is the diagnostic hallmark of this lymphoma
The cell of origin of this lymphoma is a non functional B cell
CD5 is mainly for this type of cell
naïve b cells can cause this type of lymphoma
The cells of MALToma come from this zone
this monoclonal globulin protein is suggestive of multiple myeloma or Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
this lymphoma begins as a polyclonal reactive process and can arise from autoammune disorders or chronic infection
CD8 is a marker of this type of cell
This named lymphoma arises in lymph nodes, then spreads to spleen and then bone marrow
This lymphoma is characterized by small round cells in a starry sky pattern
An adolescent male with mediastinal mass (thymic involvement) suggests this precursor lymphoblastic lymphoma
This often presents as an isolated mass in the neck or mediastinum and is one of the most common cancers in young adults
this is the most common form of cutaneous Tcell lymphoma
The naïve B cells responsible for CLL/SLL are positive for this cell marker
This plasma cell neoplasm occurs in older adults, high levels of IgM leads to hyperviscosity
CD19/20 is a marker for this type of cell
CD3 represents these type of lymphocytes
lymphocyte depletion usually turns out to be this type of lymphoma
t(14:18) translocates this gene next to IgH
This is the most common aggressive NHL
This syndrome presents with generalized exfoliative erythroderma
this lymphoma is highly associated with h. pylori
large b cell lymphoma can also be associated with this state, relevant to cases of HIV, BMT, EBV
smudge cells and mature lymphocytes are characteristic of
These type of cells are positive for B cell markers and are CD15/30 negative
CD4 is a marker for this type of lymphocyte
CD23 is a marker for this type of cell
This precursor lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common malignancy in children
This is the worst prognosis of CLL/SLL
memory B cells are found in this zone
Stage: single lymph node region
Follicular lymphoma is due to cells from this origin
This lymphoma contains reed sternberg cells
This is the most common low grade lymphoma
this plasma cell neoplasm: multifocal involvement of the skeleton and peak incidence is in 65+ yo, see punched out lesions in the skull
These properly named cells are seen with convoluted nuclei invading the epidermis
this plasma cell neoplasm occurs in older adults, M component in blood, and slowly transforms into multiple myeloma
Stage: multiple or disseminated foci
deletion of 11q, 13q, trisomy of 12q, are hallmark findings of this leukemia
the molecular basis of this lymphoma is t(8:14)
This type of HL is seen with lacunar cells and bands of sclerosis
Lymphoma: CS: middle aged pts, indolent, wax and wane course; cell of origin: germinal center B cell
This lymphoma does not express B cell antigens but have crippling Ig gene rearrangement
If t(14:18) is found in a diffuse large B cell lymphoma, it can be presumed that it transformed from this lymphoma

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