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painful red lesions on the hands or feet are also known as this proper name
Adding normal plasma to a PTT or PT is done to rule out the deficiency of this
If there is a prolonged PTT and PT that is not corrected by addition of normal plasma, you should suspect
Amyloids exhibit this kind of structure
This proper syndrome involves the adrenal gland hemorrhage, and fibrin thrombi in the adrenal cortex
This is the site of autoantibody synthesis in primary ITP
Vasculitis disorder: This rickettsial disease causes red conjunctivae, rash on hands, wrists, ankles
These are two treatments for primary ITP
this proper name describes retinal hemorrhages with white or pale centers composed of coagulated fibrin, usually caused by immune complex deposition
Vasculitis disorder: Immune complex, IgA mediated, autoimmune hypersensitivity, proper name
Abruptio placenta, AML3, mucin secreting adenocarcinoma, gram - septicemia, sepsis, and trauma often presents with this coagulation disorder
This type of thrombocytopenia occurs in infants born to mothers who have autoimmune thrombocytopenia
Thrombocytopenia unrelated to drugs, infection, or autoimmunity is classified as this disease of exclusion
VWF disease will have prolonged times in these two tests
Vasculitis disorder: This defect in collagen synthesis results in gingival and periungal hemorrhage
an extracellular, proteinaceous deposit exhibiting beta sheet structure
These two drugs act as haptens and trigger Ab production to help antibodies bind to platelets
In women, lupus anticoagulant is associated with recurrent ______
Warfarin inhibits this enzyme
Vasculitis disorder: in this disorder, there is no hydroxylation of lysine and proline, needed for tensile strength
Vasculitis disorder: This congenital defect of vessel walls is an autosomal dominant condition that leads to blanching lesions around the lip
Test: extrinsic system VII, final common pathway, liver disease, warfarin therapy
Liver disease, fat malabsorption, broad spectrum antibiotics can cause deficiency of this cofactor
before diagnosing a pt with this disease, one must first rule out all other causes of thrombocytopenia
factor VIII activity is 2-5%, the hemophilia is classified as
Vasculitis disorder: Infection of the bloodstream by Neisseria meningitidis causes vasculitis
This disorder is where multipotent myeloid stem cells are suppressed, leading to marrow failure and pancytopenia
factor VIII activity is 5-25%, the hemophilia is classified as
Children are more likely to get this type of ITP
In primary ITP, this time is prolonged
women carriers of this disease are at risk if lyonization of the x chromosome occurs
Adult females are at risk of this ITP
This is the cofactor assay used to check vWF activity
Vasculitis disorder: Increased vessel fragility due to ct damage caused by aging or chronic sun exposure
Cancer results in this type of DIC
Osler nodes can be due to bacterial infection of:
Placental complication results in this type of DIC
This common disease is a combination of platelet defect and coagulation deficiency
Vasculitis disorder: this is clinically seen as purpuric lesions in finger tips or hemorrhagic lesions in the retina
this enzyme activates Vitamin K
This comes in both chronic and acute forms and involves IgG antibodies against gp iib/iiia receptors
factor VIII activity is less than 1%, the hemophilia is classified as
In HIT, this antibody binds to platelets with the help of heparin
in this type of ITP, opsonized platelets are destroyed in the spleen
This antibody inhibits the activity of phospholipid/prothrombin complex in the PTT reaction
in primary ITP, these two tests are normal
Test: intrinsic system, VIII, IX, XI, final common pathway, heparin therapy

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