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This connective tissue is uniquely found around the human heart and not in other animal species
in venules, these modified cells can be used for contraction
This type of capillary is the most common and does not contain pores in walls.
the vena cava is a prime example of this type of vein
This kind of epithelium makes up heart valves
these wimpy myocytes are found in the ventricle endocardium and transmit impulses to myocytes
Muscular arteries differ from elastic arteries by lacking lamellae in this tunica
This is the dominant layer in an elastic artery
in endothelial cells of continous capillaries, you'll find this type of vesicle for protein transport
the aorta is an example of this type of artery
smooth muscle cells can control blood flow and pressure and are innervated by this nervous system
Purkinje fibers are located in this layer of the heart
these structures prevent backflow of blood between the chambers of the heart
The lack of these cells in the heart valves is the reason there is a discontinuity in propagation of contraction between atria and ventricles
Semilunar valves are found in these two areas
The muscular artery's tunica media differs from the aorta by notably lacking:
This type of cell lines the inner walls of vessels
This dramatic lamina is a clear, defining sign, found in muscular arteries
These fibers run in bundles under the endocardium, branch into the myocardium, look for grape like bundles, paler than myocytes
This tiny vessel generally does not contain tunica media, with only a t intima consisting of endothelium and basal lamina
With large adventitia, these medium arteries are also known as
These tiny vessels completely lack smooth muscle
You will find smooth muscle bundles in this tunica of large veins
known as the pacemaker, this region of the heart spontaneously depolarizes 60-100 times/minute
Elastic membranes use these holes for nutrients to pass through
Located at the right atrioventricular junction, this node receives impulses from the SA node
Translated as 'vessel of the vessels,' these arteries supply nutrients to vessel walls
Aka discontinuous, these capillaries have huge pores in their walls, are almost not actually a capillary, rather spaces where pools of blood can form, common in lymph system
On a slide, these vessels are often found collapsed, with blood in them.
This tunica makes up the innermost layer of the aorta
large veins are unique in this tunica
This muscle regulates flow from metarterioles into capillaries
These capillaries have pores in the walls covered by a thin diaphragm, allowing for increased molecular exchange
Purkinje fibers are paler because they lack
Pinocytotic vesicles in continuous capillaries are used to transport this type of nutrient
This tunica looks like loose irregular ct, here you will find nerves, fibroblasts, collagen, blood vessels,
a single layer of low cuboidal/squamous epithelial cells found in the epicardium
This tunica begins with the first elastic lamella.
this type of vein contains muscle bundles in the adventitia
in muscular arteries this is the distinct delineation between intima and media
This vessel is the last arteriole before capillary
These are modified myocytes that convey depolarization through gap junctions to other myocytes
This outer layer of the heart wall contains adipose, fibroelastic CT, and mesothelium
This tunica contains high amounts of elastic lamella and smooth muscle
This type of tunica is on the outside of the aorta
this is the main distributing type of artery

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