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The symptoms of this leukemia are marrow failure, rashes, and bleeding
This leukemia is the most common acute leukemia in male adults >65 yrs old
Palpable purpura, aka Blueberry muffin lesions, are found in this leukemia
There is some evidence that smoking increases your risk for this leukemia
The only causal relationship of ALL in the US
In children, most cancer occurs here and thus 80% are metastatic at time of diagnosis
There is a causal relationship in developing countries between B cell ALL and this pathogen
A chloroma fluoresces this color under UV light
In ALL, this is the treatment for pts with t(9;22)
Def: When increased intracranial pressure causes swelling at the optic nerve
The greenish color of a chloroma is due to this enzyme
This age group's cancer is more responsive to chemotherapy
Trisomy 4 & 10, t(12;21), t(4;11), t(9;22) are often found in this type of ALL
Leukemia: 2-3% of childhood leukemia, features the philadelphia chromosome
The initial treatment of ALL
aka granulocytic sarcoma, this clinical sign suggests AML
cranial nerve palsy is associated with this leukemia
Diagnose: 77% of childhood leukemia, peak incidence in males 2-6
Def: myeloid tissue deposited in the skin of AML pts
In this age group, cancer is usually identified at an earlier stage
this iatrogenic procedure increases the risk of epithelial cancers in adulthood
The preferred treatment of CML
Gingival infiltration is a form of cutaneous involvement in this leukemia
This translocation is found in B cell ALL
this is the primary tissue of cancer in adults
ALL can result in increased intracranial pressure, impairing the function of this nerve
ALL: the goal of this treatment is to eradicate leukemic cells from the marrow

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