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This drug can be used for organophosphate poisoning and prevents permanent inhibition of ACE
these two drugs are agonists for both nicotinic and cholinergic receptors
hexamethonium blocks nicotinic receptors at this location
this is the most common b2 agonist used for asthma, administered by inhaler
Trimethaphan is an antagonist for this receptor
ABEAM is used to remember this type of antagonist
this drug alleviates anaphylaxis by activating b1, b2, and a1 adrenoreceptors
the -osin ending is a clue to this type of receptor antagonist
clonidine/apraclonidine is used for hypertension because it is this type of agonist
Mecamylamine can be used to treat hypertension by blocking this receptor
this parenteral drug activates b1 and a1 adrenoreceptors
this a2 agonist is restricted for the treatment of muscle spasm
These two drugs have both beta and alpha receptor antagonistic properties
ABEAM: E (short acting)
this direct acting muscarinic agonist is used chiefly to treat dry mouth in patients with sjogren syndrome
methoxamine constricts vessels in the nasal mucosa because it is an agonist of this receptor
midodrine is an a1 agonist used for this common symptom
norepinephrine is unique from epinephrine in that it does not activate this receptor when given IV
activation of this receptor will increase diastolic blood pressure
This tertiary amine muscarinic antagonist is most often used to treat motion sickness
Neostigmine inhibits this enzyme
phenylephrine activates this receptor to alleviate nasal congestion
This type of amine structure has good CNS penetration
Pyridostigmine inhibits this enzyme
the -olol ending is a clue to this type of receptor antagonist
this mnemonic is used to remember beta 1 selective antagonists
direct acting muscarinic agonist that can be used to stimulate the gut wall
activation of this receptor will increase systolic blood pressure
Ambenonium inhibits this enzyme
This direct acting muscarinic agonist has a very short systemic duration
this quarternary amine is nicotinic and not good for systemic use, restricted to topical usage on the eye
These two inhaled drugs have longer duration and are quartenary-amine muscarinic receptor antagonists
activation of these adrenoreceptors decreases the release of NE

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