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quinine increases the plasma levels of these two drug
this drug can result in pruritus, hemolysis in g6pd deficient persons, seizures
chloroquine should not be administered through this route
IV administration of these drugs can cause qt prolongation and severe hypotension
Primaquine and this drug are combined as an alternative treatment for PCP
leishmaniasis is transmitted by this vector
quinidine is administered in this manner
avoid coadministering chloroquine with these supplements
lifeform of the parasite transmitted from a mosquito saliva to a human
This antimalarial can be used for both prophylaxis and treatment
antimalarial: blood schizonticide that prevents polymerization of heme into hemozoin
american form of trypanosomiasis is transmitted by this type of bug
You should NOT give this drug to a G6PD deficient epileptic
adverse effects of quinine and quinidine, named after its natural source
This D-steroisomer of quinine has a shorter half life
quinine should not be given with this drug
can exist in the form of hypnoite
This protein inhibitor is recommended for use in South Asia, to be used for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
The species cruzi is associated with this type of trypanosomiasis
lifeform released from infected RBC to infect a new rbc
This is the drug of choice in the US for treatment/prophylaxis of malaria
This is the parenteral drug used to treat severe malaria
lifeform derived from merozoite, this is known as the ring stage
cinchonism is associated with symptoms of this system
this low cost drug is effective against some chloroquine resistant P falciparum
This drug is used orally for uncomplicated chloroquine resistant P falciparum
in this liver cell, merozoites are being prepared to be released on lysis
This drug is contraindicated in pts with psoriasis or porphyria
the most severe toxicity of mefloquine
The species brucei is associated with this type of trypanosomiasis
quinine dosage must be decreased if the pt has an issue in this organ
This alkaloid is derived from cichona bark
these drugs can result in hypoglycemia, hematologic abnormality,
aka Lariam, this oral antimalarial is recommended for prophylaxis
This chloroquine alternative should not be used in prophylaxis due to long term toxicity
The vector of african trypanosomiasis is this type of fly
This drug can target the tissue form of plasmodium
besides quinine, mefloquine should not be given with
This subspecies is responsible for African trypanosomiasis in the east
this TISSUE schizonticide is gametocidal against all 4 malarial parasites
This rare side effect of amodiaquine increases with long term use
This subspecies is responsible for African trypanosomiasis in the west
This drug should not be used for Restless Legs Syndrome
this drug is used for dormant liver forms of P vivax and P ovale

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