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The effects of WISN are caused by a decrease in activity of this protein
Serine protease inhibitor that inactivates clotting factors
Factor I
heparin's half life in hours
These three bivalent DTIs also bind to the substrate site
A vit K dependent serine protease that is activated by thrombin to APC
Direct Thrombin Inhibitor, an oral prodrug
ATIII inactivates these 3 clotting factors (answer in numerical order)
These factors facilitate clotting
these blood disorders are treated by anticoagulants
enoxaparin, dalteparin, and tinzaparin are types of this drug
This anticoagulant can cross the placenta and cause hemorrhage and serious birth defect in the fetus
Factor II
This drug is a mixture of sulfated mucopolysaccharides extracted from porcine gut or bovine lung
low platelet count, new thrombus, and thrombocytopenia should make you suspicious of this side effect of a indirect thrombin inhibitor
abciximab and eptifibatide and tirofiban act on this receptor
This racemic mixture has a long halflife and has 100% bioavailability
This proteins free form acts as a cofactor to protein C
allergy, alopecia, and osteoporosis are secondary side effects of this drug
heparin can clear lipemia by increasing the level of this enzyme
if the pt has HIT, switch to this drug
these vitamin facilitate clotting
this antagonist is used to reverse heparin
clopidogrel and ticlopidine act on this receptor
This LMWH is administered in mg, as opposed to anti factor Xa units
This parenterally administered drug should not be used intramuscularly
This vitamin K antagonist inhibits epoxide reductase
DTI used for HIT, beware of liver, increases INRs
a bivalent reversible thrombin inhibitor that inhibits platelet activation, administered with IV, rapid on/off action
Factor IX
Factor IV
Factor X
Factor VIII
a synthetic pentasaccharide with long half life, indirect thrombin inhibitor
Degrades cofactor Va and VIIIa, deficiency in this protein can result in increased thrombosis
Vitamin K dependent glycoprotein, has two forms, free and c4b bound
This occurs if heparin is given intramuscularly
the oral standard long term therapy
use the aPTT to measure the drug use
isolated from leech saliva, bivalent irreversible thrombin inhibitor
this enzyme degrades many blood plasma proteins, most notably, the clot
Factor VII
These proteins are endogenous anticoagulants
Long half life, low side effects, less frequent dosing are traits of this heparin modification
Serine protease inhibitor that inhibits plasmin
Blocks the gamma carboxylation of the glutamate residue in prothrombin (II), VII, IX, X, protein C and S
recombinant form of hirudin used for HIT, beware of renal insufficiency
heparin should not be given to pregnant or breast feeding because of this solution
synthetic form of heparin
the famous indirect thrombin inhibitor, can induce thrombocytopenia
irudin and gatro are suffixes for this class
this drug, mediated by antithrombin, inactivates many intrinsic clotting factors, especially IIa and Xa
Low molecular weight heparin inhibits this factor

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