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all the DRB1*04 subtypes are associated with susceptibility to
disease: disruption of feedback regulation of thyroid hormone production
what makes 0402 different
The goal of desensitization involves building up these antibodies
90% of food allergies are caused by
Which autoimmune diseases CANNOT be treated with antibiotics?
histamine is responsible for this type of phase response
most common allergic disease in the US
systemic allergic reaction manifested by rapid and serious symptomslaryngeal obstruction, bronchospasm, asphyxiation, hypovolemic shock, urticaria, death
leukotrienes, cytokines, and inflammatory cells are involved in this phase
What usually precedes and has high associations with autoimmunity?
DRB1 subtype NOT associated with RA
disease caused by TH2 mediated inflammation of the lungs
in DTH, T cells recruit these kinds of cells
Type: immune complex method
This compound increases vascular permeability, contracts smooth muscle, increases vascular permeability, and is toxic to parasites
Mantoux test, poison ivy reaction, and celiac disease are all examples of this type of reaction
mast cells in lungs ->bronchoconstriction -> ?
Type: immediate hypersensitivity IgE mediated
These antibodies are very common in some autoimmune diseases
location of pneumonitis
These cytokines stimulate Th2 and B cell responses
This antibody is the most common MEDIATOR of atopic dermatitis
mast cells affect the GI tract and peristalsis, causing.....
Type: antibody mediated
Definition: chemoattractants for granulocytes
When self peptides mimic pathogen-derived peptides and stimulate T-cell responses
major genetic risk factor for several autoimmune diseasesmajor risk factor for several autoimmune disease
During an allergic reaction, recruitment of these cells causes inflammation and tissue damage
gender most susceptible to autoimmune disease
This is an important genetic diagnostic marker for SLE
highly correlated with HLA DR3/DR4 genotype
penicillin allergies are triggered by this kind of reaction
This hypersensitivity results in hard, raised swelling
these cells are responsible for the classic wheal and flare reaction
These leukocyte chemotactic factors increase vascular permeability, mucus secretion
this theory explains why Western lifestyles are more prone to allergy
Inflammation is due to this cytotoxin
This hypersensitivity results in edematous swelling in the epidermis
What is a soluble complex of antibody and antigen?
eosinophils secrete these chemicals
atopic individuals have a higher levels of.....
Type: delayed type hypersensitivity Tcell mediated
how to diagnose type 1 hypersensitivities

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