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in regards to vasculature, ganglion blockers will cause
AchE regenerator for poisoning
Contraindication: atropine in the eye
Receptor: antagonize to treat irritable bowel syndrome, peptic disease, parkinson's disease
These are two naturally occurring alkaloid muscarinic antagonists
Drug: prevents synechiae from forming in uveitis and iritis, longer lasting
This ganglion blocker is well absorbed into the CNS
Receptor: Glands, smooth muscle, endothelium
Immediately after applying atropine to the eye, you will see this due to inhibition of circular muscle
contraindication: atropine for the bladder
Receptor: blocked to relieve bladder spasm without affecting the heart
Post myocardial infaction, if SA and AV nodes are depressed, you can administer this drug parenterally
Receptor: decreases cAMP, increases K
paralysis of the ciliary muscle, resulting in the loss of accomodation
M1 and M3 operate through this pathway
ganglion blockers on the heart will cause this
contraindication: atropine for the gut
after 4 days, atropine in the eyes will result in this, due to inhibition of the ciliary muscle
Drug: for examination of the retina, short acting mydriatic effect
Receptor: CNS, sympathetic ganglions, presynaptic sites, gastric secretions
excess ganglion blockers can cause this in the eye
Drug: alpha agonist that can quickly cause mydriasis with less cycloplegia
receptor: myocardium, smooth muscle, nerves

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