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thalassemias and sideroblastic result in this cell size
hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell anemia, and thalassemia major are known as this type of anemia
The most common hematologic disorder
excess menstrual bleeding
this anemia Is marked by high levels of hemoglobin A2
if both methylmalonic acid and homocysteine are elevated, you should suspect this deficiency
Def: percent of whole blood that is occupied by intact rbcs
indirect bilirubin is found in this form
black stool
when the MCV is 80-100 fl
This test will give important information regarding the morphology of cells
EPO is produced in this organ
In the US and western europe, this anemia is almost always due to blood loss
alcoholics often are deficient in this nutrient
hypersegmented neutrophils are signs of this deficiency
To monitor the level of production of RBCs, you would count this type of cell
this type of thalassemia is likely in people of mediterranean descent

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