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AThe most powerful empire in central America, conquered by the Spanish, capital city was burned down and a modern capital was built over it.
BFell in 1453; Founded following the seperation of the Roman Empire
CEmpire from North Africa; Conquered by the Romans; Hannibal Barca fought for this country
DEuropean colonial Empire with territory in Asia, Oceania, North/South America, and Africa at its height; Curacao and Aruba are just two of its modern overseas holdings
EThis empire covers the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties of Egypt, also known as the Ramesside period
FPrecursor to the French, this empire existed during the dark ages.
GEmpire that existed after the unification of Germany untill World War 1
HCharlemange and Frederick I Barbarossa are important figures in this history of this empire; Sought a return to Roman culture
IOccupied western South America during the late 15th-early 16th century before being eradicated by the Spanish
JOne of the last empires to cease existence, this country retains an emperor to this day, the only empire in the world to do so.
KFounded in the 9th century, occupied much of southeast Asia during its reign; Angkor was the seat of this empire
LShares its name with a city in Italy (and a famous battle during the French Revolutionary War) this sultanate in modern India lasted only 80 years.
MAsian empire founded in the 13th century, largest contiguous empire in world history
NThe last ruling dynasty of Vietnam, conquered by the French in 1887 but remained as a political figurehead untill post WW2.
OLasted over 600 years, occupied parts of 3 continents, constantly at odds with Russia
PFormed in the 16th century, this powerful partnership of modern eastern european nations was one of the largest empires among its contemporaries.
QLast ruling dynasty in China
RFormed out of the ashes of a republic in Italy, one of the most famous empires in world history.
SFormed from the division of Alexander the Great's empire, this middle eastern empire lasted roughly 250 years before being torn apart by civil wars.
TFounded by Tamerlane, conquered much of central asia during the late 14th century
UAncient Sumerian ruling dynasty, this empire was responsible for one of the worlds first written codes of law, currency.
VSouth Indian Empire in power from the 1300s to the 1600s, when they were conquered by other Indian sultanates.
WThe far less successful half of a seperation in 285 A.D., it lasted only 200 years before being overrun by barbarians.
XLasted all of 14 years in China, once the one and only Emperor was killed, the Han empire was restored to power
YFounded by Kublai Khan of the Mongols, doubles as a division of the Mongols and a Chinese Dynasty
ZRose to promenence under Chief Shaka, eventually defeated by Great Britain in the late 19th century

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