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Can you name the Logic of Resident Evil 1?

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In the opening Cinematic, he is the first to be killed.
When playing as Jill Valentine, who is missing from the party.
When playing a Chris Redfield, who is missing from the party.
Is the 'Master of Unlocking'
When playing as Chris, who is needed to play Moonlight Sonata
Abandons the Bravo team in the woods.
How many bullets the Beretta Holds.
Colors of the herbs.
Poison is cured by what Herb
Basic Damage is cured by what herb
The first Zombie met in the corridor parallel to the diner room is a member of Bravo team, what is his name?
Chris loses what in the beginning of the game?
Chris has what for his first weapon
Forest Spayer, found dead on the balcony, has what on his body?
What was Jill almost, according to Barry?
Saving in this game is used by what?
Where do you save at?
When you return to the main hall as Chris, what do you find?
The Statue in the first floor has what in the pot?
The name of the plant that attacks you is what?
The Shark that attacks you is named what?
The final boss is what?
What does Brad call Jill in the last battle?
Who can be saved from Poison?
Albert Wesker secretly is in what group
In the Journal, what escapes and begins the infection?
In the hallway with many windows, what happens?
In the picture puzzle, what is the order?
Barry leaves you in a hole, what does he go to find?
What are the Keys named after for each seperate door?
The Loading cinematic is of what?
R1 Button does what?
In the remake, Gamecube version, the sad story of a little girl swarms the sub-story, what is her name?
In the room on the first floor with the statue, what key is used on the door?
On Kenneths body, how many rounds for the pistol are found?
The only way of knowing if the zombies were 'Dead' was if they what?
Chris needs what to get the shotgun?
This weapons is really powerful, especially against...
Chris can carry only how many items?
Jill can carry only how many items?
This is my first quiz, how was it? :D

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