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Can you name the Parkour techniques?

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Dive and roll over an obstacle.
Run alongside a vertical wall.
Run up a vertical wall.
Jump from one wall to another, catching yourself with your hands.
Pull yourself from a hanging position over the top of a wall.
Jumping over an obstacle with your legs out, correcting yourself with your hands.
Jumping over an obstacle using your hands to guide you over.
Jumping out over a long obstacle, and correcting your body with your hands, while finishing by pulling your legs in and landing.
Jumping over an obstacle sideways, correcting yourself with your interior arm.
Swinging from one bar/branch to another.
Jumping from a precise point on one obstacle to a precise point on another obstacle.
Moving along the crest of an obstacle.
Running at a low wall, around your own height and running up it with one step.
Bending your legs, and bounce back up to continue running.
If you jump from something your own height or greater, land and go directly into this.
Jump over an obstacle mixing both the kong and dash vault techniques.
Swinging your legs up an over an obstacle to create momentum to let your torso follow the legs over, using your hands to correct your position.
See above, but use your hands to re-position yourself and redirect yourself in a new direction.

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