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What would have occurred but didn't
Maria habría preferido ir al cine.
Para el lunes, habré hecho todas las preparaciones.
Hubiera + past participle
Will, influence, emotion, doubt, conjunctions
Cuando llegamos, Luis ya había salido.
Me pidieron que no llegara tarde.
What someone had done or what had happened before another past point
What would happen under certain circumstances
Will/shall happen; probability or wondering
Habré/habrás/habrá/habremos/habrán + past participle
Haya + past participle
Habría + past participle
Infinitive + é/ás/á/emos/án
He, has, ha, hemos, han + past participle
Normal subjunctive triggers in preterite
Me pondría ese vestido.
Había + past participle
What has happened
Infinitive + ía/ías/íamos/ían
What someone has done
What will have happened by a certain future point
Iré al cine.
Yo ya he leído esos libros.
Llegué antes de que la clase hubiera comenzado.
Something that had taken place before another thing in the past, with a subjunctive trigger
Preterite 'ellos' form + ra/ras/ramos/ran ending
Espero que hayas dormido bien.
Present 'yo' form + opposite ending

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