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Definition/HintTermBefore or After Midterm
Hero affirms preexisting values of community by his supreme mastery of familiar practicesBefore
Hero instructs reader by modeling mode of conduct perceived as threatened or vanishedBefore
Naming a whole by its partBefore
Ironic understatementBefore
Bond between lord and thaneBefore
The characteristic of epics always already being far removed in timeBefore
'Where are they?' sentimentBefore
A work's true MEANINGBefore
...but some works only bring PLEASURE OR ENTERTAINMENTBefore
Love of self in another(s)Before
Love of another(s) to loss of selfBefore
Longing for simplicity; bucolic, arcadian (describing poetry)Before
Narrative poem in local language telling a simple story (usually meant to be sung)Before
Category of poetry centered around a concept or ideaBefore
Type of above poetry with 3 parts, based on Greek chorus's movementBefore
Definition/HintTermBefore or After Midterm
14 line poemBefore
Type of above poem with 3 quatrains and a coupletBefore
Type of above poem with octave and sestetBefore
According to Mod, most influential writer ever in English language (wrote an epic about the fall of Man)Before and after
Marginalized writer who shot down hypocrisy in others' work because his unique position allowed him to see itAfter
Same as above but Catholic, hunchbacked dwarf; master of heroic coupletsAfter
The Age (hint hint) of Essay on Man, in which God and the universe were widely thought to be ultimately knowableAfter
Yoking two, often very different, thingsAfter
'A Modest Proposal' is an example of Swift's mastery of this type of writingAfter
Wrote about a search for happiness outside the 'happy valley'After
The other work we've read by the above authorAfter
Projecting feelings and reactions (as a reader) within boundaries of author and textAfter
What is the Rood? (beginning of the year)Before
Famous for his metaphysical conceits in poems; later got rid of the innuendoes and instead wrote about GodBefore
Greatest writer in English language (author of Hamlet)Sonnets before, Hamlet after

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