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Can you name the terms and examples Mod gave us so we can all ace this midterm?

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'Where are they?' sentiment
Combination words, i.e. 'whale-road'
Naming a whole by its part
Ironic understatement
Bond between lord and thane
Love of self in (an)other(s)
Love of (an)other(s) to loss of self
Bucolic, arcadian, longing for simplicity (actually unrealistic)
Arthurian tale full of Christian parallels and references was probably written by...
Arthurian tale written for young girls married to older men and looking for love outside of marriage and also mocks the Arthurian court was probably written by...
Arthurian tale which glorifies Arthur was probably written by someone from....
Extra credit (not really):Arthurian author fascinated by ubi sunt mentality and focusing on what caused Arthur's fortune to reverse
Epic in which hero affirms pre-existing values of community by his supreme mastery of familiar practices
Epic in which hero instructs by modeling a mode of conduct which is perceived as threatened or vanished

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