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Can you name the Disney character who might have had this awkward moment?

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That awkward moment when...
You find out the cute girl you were hanging out with is actually the princess - and you were about to kiss her.
The prince marries your stepdaughter instead of your own daughters.
The girl you like brings her wounded boyfriend to hide out at your place.
Your stepmother finds out you're prettier than her.
Your mom gets locked up for defending you from bullies.
The princess you were supposed to be watching undergoes a magical transformation in the lair of the villain.
You paint the rosebushes the wrong color - and you're not even a gardener.
The babysitter thinks your boyfriend was trying to attack the baby.
That awkward moment when...
You wake up and the entire forest is flooded.
Your true love and the guy who proposed to you meet face to face (it didn't go well).
The guy who just saved your life turns out to be a girl and the penalty is supposed to be death.
The princess you were protecting falls under a spell literally at the last minute.
The human you're talking to actually doesn't know how to make fire.
Your childhood friend is literally hunting you down.
You try to convince your childhood sweetheart to come home and take back the role that is rightfully his - and he yells at you.

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