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Can you name the Do you know My Digital Escape??

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How many members are in My Digital Escape?not including guests like robby
Name at least one member of the current My Digital Escapefirst names only
Name one of the former members of My Digital Escape
When was My Digital Escape created?
When did Jeydon join My Digital Escape?the date of his first mde video
When did Shannon join My Digital Escape?^
When is Alex's birthday?
When is Bryan's birthday?
When is Kyle's birthday?
When is Shannon's birthday?
When is Jordan's birthday?
When is Johnnie's birthday?
When is Jeydon's brithday?
When did Johnnie and Alex officially announce they were dating?hint: in Johnnie's video 'I have a girlfriend'
What is Bryan's EP called?
What is Johnnie's first EP called?
What is Jordan's most recent EP called?hint: released in late 2015
True or false: Mde is going/went on tour
Who helped produce/write Johnnie and Bryan's eps?hint: Shannon's recent ex-boyfriend
Name one music video that has both Shannon and Tyler in it
Is Kyle still dating Meghan?fun fact: I'm friends with meghan irl she's cool
True or false: Bryan is dating someone
True or false: Jordan is dating someone

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